Zero Point #1 Drops the Dark Knight In the Iconic Game

The Dark Knight finally jumps into the world of Fortnite in comics as the Batman/Fornite: Zero Point miniseries kicks off with a chaotic charm.

In Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point by Christo Gage and Reilly Brown, Batman‘s world just got a lot more colorfully chaotic than the grimy streets of Gotham City. Coinciding with the arrival of several new skins from the Dark Knight’s world in the popular online game, the story pits Batman and some of his iconic supporting characters against the wonderfully wacky video game characters of Fortnite in a breezy, lightweight adventure. And the creative team provides a Batman story catered to those that may not be entirely familiar with the Fortnite Universe, which enough entertaining action in its own right as long as the reader doesn’t think particularly hard about the proceedings.

As an extra-dimensional rift forms in the sky above Gotham City, Batman launches an investigation into the space-time continuum tear to ensure to it doesn’t spread. Accidentally falling into the rift, the Caped Crusader finds himself in a world that has its own strange set of rules and locked in a seemingly endless loop of eternal, chaotic combat. And as Batman struggles to retain his eroding memories of his life outside of Fortnite, he must solve the mystery of the Zero Point if he hopes to break the cycle and find a way back home from the bizarre battle royale world, with even more guest stars hinted at playing a major role.

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Whereas last year’s Fortnite x Marvel: Nexus War – Thor integrated right into the wider story that was happening in the middle of Donny Cates and Nic Klein’s ongoing Thor run, Zero Point feels like a standalone story in the wider Batman mythos that builds off of a timeless, accessible depiction of Gotham and its iconic characters. That said, this is a setup issue: Batman and several of his familiar friends and foes dive right into the Fortnite world, grow accustomed to its rules and set the stage for the continuous, cyclical battles. Gage is laying obligatory foundation here before going even bigger and bombastic with it and delivers this introductory exposition juxtaposed with the fights he knows readers and Fortnite players are here for.

Brown, with Nelson Faro DeCosta on inks and John Kalisz on colors, blends the worlds of Fortnite and the DCU relatively seamlessly; the bulk of the story so far takes place on Party Royale Island so a lot of the artwork, accordingly, leans into those sensibilities. Given how bright and vibrant Fortnite tends to be, this means Kalisz certainly gets the opportunity to stretch and employ a matching color palette. The prologue in Gotham is well rendered but, as one can change meshing superheroes with free-for-all video games, the real visual highlight lies in the opening issue’s fight scenes and is slated only to get more frenetic and freewheeling as the story continues.

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Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point is good, escapist fun that invites readers into the frantic free-for-all to follow; this may be Batman’s entrance into the video game world, but this miniseries is poised to deliver for anyone who wants to see the Dark Knight go mano-a-mano with some surprise guest stars. The creative team certainly has a strong grasp on the Caped Crusader and his supporting cast, but the real highlight here is the action, especially given Batman is losing his sense of identity on Party Royale Island. Come for the Dark Knight’s otherworldly odyssey, but stick around for the fights and guest stars in a story that’s only just getting bigger and more ambitious.

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