Zayt’s Rages on His Return to Fortnite Following His Team’s Poor Start to the FNCS

NRG Zayt announced his retirement from professional Fortnite on January 10th. Although sudden, Zayt explained that the move away from the game was due to financial reasons. This is understandable, as Epic Games had reduced the prize pool for competitive tournaments in 2021.

After a month away from the Esport, Zayt took to Twitter to announce his awaited return. He explained, “I am at a point where I would regret not competing and wasting my gift for the game. With that said, yes I am coming back, sorry for everyone that I affected negatively.” 

This return is likely due to Epic’s announcement that the Fortnite Champions series would feature a prize pool of $20 million.

NRG Zayt returns to competitive Fortnite

Since his return, Zayt has been in hot form. He teamed up with his long-time duo partner Saf to secure 2nd place at the Nick EH 30 cup streamed on Twitch. Furthermore, the duo teamed up with Liquid Stretch to win the Fortnite Reboot Round. Despite his success, Zayt does not seem to be enjoying his return.

Zayt and his team were constantly targeted in the FNCS landing to his frustration.

Zayt vented on Twitter saying, “getting 50 50ed every game now we werent dropping for a 5050 thats fire!! our fncs is over ggs.” Following this he replied to Safs tweet that they practiced 24/7 just to get griefed by saying “and thats why i quit this game last month idk why i wanted to come back this game is terrible.

With Zayt, Saf, and Stretch back as a trio, former World Cup winner Bugha has been left out of the picture. Bugha has now teamed up with NRG Clix and Faze Bizzle. The trio has had a much better run than Zayt and company as they won 3 out of their 6 FNCS qualifiers.

What do you think of the current state of competitive Fortnite? Did Zayt overreact to having an off-day? Let us know what you think in the comments below?

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