World Cup winning Fortnite org “Cooler Esports” closes all operations

This is a massive blow to competitive Fortnite fans not just in Europe, but across the world.

London-based Fortnite and esports organisation, Cooler Esports, has announced that it will be shutting down, as of Tuesday, April 6.

“Sadly, today will be the last active day of Cooler Esports as we close our operations after lengthy consideration. We have unfortunately reached this decision due to financial reasons, accelerated by COVID-19”, read the official statement.

Founded in 2018 by French film director Edouard Debrousse and poker player Rui Cao, Cooler Esports always had one clear goal… to win trophies. The brand’s popularity exploded a year later, when David “Aqua” Wang and Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen became Fortnite World Cup Duos Champions.

Since then, the team continued to find success in the FNCS, Cash Cups and LAN events, and its army of loyal followers kept on growing. They later moved into Apex Legends, where their impressive roster quickly made waves in this new scene, securing a series of major online tournament victories.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt in all walks of life, and its effects on businesses globally have been disastrous. Running a profitable esports organisation is near impossible at the best of times, and we can only hope not to see too many more similar stories in the coming months.

The news does however leave some of Fortnite’s most talented players looking for their next home. While Nyhrox parted ways with Cooler shortly after the World Cup, both Aqua and Belgian star Howard “Noward” Castiaux are potentially up for grabs, though the latter has already confirmed that he plans to take his time to make any definite decisions.

Support has poured in from all corners of the Fortnite community, and many big names stopped by to share their fond memories and goodbyes. As Cooler put it themselves, this is truly the end of an era.

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