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Fortnite developers Epic Games have now confirmed the last Season 4 update, patch 14.60, will be arriving this week. Here’s everything you need to know about the Nov. 18 update, including patch notes, downtime details, and more.

This week should bring the final Fortnite update of Season 4; one focused on the impending arrival of Marvel supervillain Galactus, and the long-teased ‘Nexus War’ finale.

Epic Games has finally announced the new update, and we’ve got a pretty good idea of everything coming in patch v14.60 ⁠— starting with when the next Fortnite update will actually be deployed onto the battle royale’s live servers.

When is the Fortnite 14.60 patch coming?

Epic Games has officially locked in the v14.60 update for Wednesday, November 18. Downtime will begin at 4am ET (9am UTC, 9am BST, 6pm AEST).

The patch was originally leaked early thanks to @FortniteCompetitive, who announced the Venom Cup was delayed “due to the 14.60 patch.” While the competitive account didn’t mention dates, the fact the tournament has been delayed spoke volumes.

Expect a lengthy downtime for the v14.60 patch. Fortnite matchmaking will be disabled 20-25 minutes before the new Chapter 2 Season 4 update.

Funnily enough, some Xbox players have already reported the patch arriving early too; updates around 3GB in size are already available. Epic confirmed they had “unexpectedly deployed [14.60] early” on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Fortnite 14.60 early patch notes

Venom debuts in Fortnite

Epic has saved “the most menacing for last” in their Marvel season ⁠— Spider-Man’s terrifying arch-nemesis, Venom; the hulking symbiote is finally set to arrive in update 14.60.

Just like some of the past few Marvel hero unlocks, including blind crime-fighter Daredevil, the Venom skin and emotes will be available for players who win the Marvel Knockout events hosted through the final weeks of Fortnite Season 4.

If you rank highly in these events, you’ll be given the Venom skin, as well as a “We Are Venom” emote, a Symbiote Slasher Pickaxe, and the Tendril Tote Back Bling.

Galactus set to finally arrive

With Fortnite patch 14.60 being the last update before the end of Season 4, that can only mean one thing; Galactus is finally going to arrive, and kick-start the Nexus War.

Dexerto is expecting to see plenty of Galactus and Nexus War assets and elements added to Fortnite this patch. This will either be in-game ⁠— depending on how early Epic wants to add a few teasers ⁠— or in the code ahead of Season 4’s big day.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is expected to end on Thursday, December 3.

Season-end events usually take place on the weekend, with Saturday the most likely. That means we should see the Galactus event happen on Nov. 28.

Galactus and Marvel hereos in fortnite
Epic Games

Galactus should finally step foot on Fortnite island in Season 4’s last update.

Creative Hub expands

Epic has added a new set of matchmaking portals in the Creative Hub, “powered by the community.” These portals will showcase Combat, Variety Games, and Practice matches, all of which have been made by fans in the Creative builder.

The portals will be ranked by popularity, and determined by Fortnite votes.

Epic have confirmed they’re also adding a new Creative LTM, which will cycle through a big playlist of the top community-made game modes. These will update every few days. Epic will choose them from a player-made map pool.

Fortnite Season 4 Week 12 XP Xtravaganza
Epic Games

Fortnite Season 4, and the game’s Marvel theme, will end in December with update 14.60.

Fortnite 14.60 bug fixes

As per usual, the Fortnite team has also added a number of bugs and issues to their official Trello board. This week’s patch actually only has a few fixes included but will cover the battle royale, Creative mode, and even Save the World.

Here is the full list of bug fixes coming in v14.60:


  • Disabled voice chat cannot be re-enabled on Xbox Series X/S.
  • ‘Lock Input Method as Mouse’ does not lock the input method.

Battle Royale

  • Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb disabled in competitive playlists.

Creative Mode

  • Team Size setting does not properly function when Join In Progress is set to Join Next Round.

Save the World

  • Wild West Llama not granting Steampunk weapon.

So, there you have it! That’s our early patch notes with expected changes and fixes coming in Fortnite’s v14.60 update patch. Once the official details are released and added to the game, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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