Why The New Cuddle Fish In Fortnite Season 6 Are So Powerful

The new Cuddle Fish catchable item isn’t necessarily a game-changer when used alone but is very effective if gathered in large numbers. Popular Fortnite content creator Lachlan explained that one Cuddle Fish, either thrown at another player or planted as a trap, will deal 35 damage. After doing some quick math, Lachlan noted that six Cuddle Fish will deal enough damage to eliminate a player.

However, what sets the Cuddle Fish apart is that as a fishable item, dedicated players can farm large amounts of them, although it may take some time, as Lachlan demonstrated in a montage. While there is always intense competition for any loot boxes and the proximity mines found in them, Fortnite players may be able to fish and collect Cuddle Fish with less conflict. 

Once a player has collected a large amount of Cuddle Fish, they become much more dangerous. As an example, Muselk demonstrated how to bait an airdrop with Cuddle Fish to eliminate opponents. Later on, he also showed how effective they could be as a late-game weapon after winning a battle royale match by tricking his opponent into aggressively pushing on his position — straight into a Cuddle Fish trap.

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