Why Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Celebration Event Was Pointless

Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Celebration didn’t capitalize on any of the ongoing alien festivities in the current season, and it just wasn’t enjoyable.

While Fortnite‘s Cosmic Summer Celebration initially sounded like a pretty fun time for players, it ended up being incredibly pointless. Epic Games has leaned pretty hard into summertime festivities this season, with an alien-themed beach party going on over at Believer Beach and an influx of great summer skins through the in-game shop, but the Cosmic Summer Celebration had nothing to do with any of that.

With the arrival of aliens to the island, Fortnite celebrated the start of summer with the Cosmic Summer Celebration. For this ongoing event, players were given a series of challenges to complete which offered a set of free summer-themed Fortnite rewards to go with a new series of summer skins available in the shop. It was a nice idea for players to celebrate the beginning of the summer, and there are some cool items that were added to the game, but the Cosmic Summer Celebration didn’t really have anything to do with the welcome party taking place over at Believer Beach.

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Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Celebration was a complete waste of an event. Unlike the game’s winter challenges, this event had nothing to do with the core battle royale game mode. All of the challenges and rewards were in user-made creative game modes instead of having players complete activities pertaining to the aliens that the ongoing season is based around. These custom games were extremely underwhelming and not enjoyable to play, particularly the Pro 100 game mode that immediately turned into a bad case of spawn killing. It just wasn’t a fun event to partake in and, while completely detached from the game’s battle royale modes and ongoing festivities, was completely pointless.

Fortnite Season 7 May Still Have a Major Event

Why Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Celebration Event Is Pointless

The current season of Fortnite is packed full of signs that something is coming. The mothership is currently circling the island, progressing counterclockwise on a daily basis. Presumably, this will lead up to the mothership removing Coral Castle from Fortnite, which has been datamined from the game’s files. The question is whether or not this will be an actual event or if there will simply be an update that removes Coral Castle and replaces it with an IO Base. Believer Beach is currently set up for an alien welcome party with a massive stage and that’s where the mothership is heading, so it feels primed for an event at some point this season. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the Cosmic Summer Celebration event.

Fortnite‘s Cosmic Summer Celebration failed to provide an incentive for players to engage with the content outside of a fear of missing out on some summer cosmetics. It didn’t capitalize on the season’s momentum heading into the summer, presumably with a major event on the way. Hopefully, the next major in-game event will be a lot better.

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