Why Fortnite in China is starkly different from the rest of the world

Epic currently has two versions of Fortnite. The first one is the Fortnite Global version, while the other one is the Chinese version.

There are certain policies and regulations in China that prevent the use of certain items in the game. Therefore, the developers had to come up with the regional version.

Even though the games are mostly similar, there are stark differences between the two. This article will highlight the difference between Fortnite’s global version and Fortnite China.

Banned skeleton skins, New Year Celebration makes Fortnite China different from the global version

1) Skeletons are banned

It must be shocking, but it is the truth. China has a no toleration policy when it comes to the presence of skeletons and skulls in the game. Time and time again, the developers have had to intervene and change certain characters for Fortnite China.

At times the entire character had to be scrapped off where minor edits were not possible.

The Skull Trooper became the first ever skin to face the ax and was removed from the game. Other popular skeletal cosmetics such as the Skull Ranger, Oro and Oreole were never added to the game in the first place.

2) No microtransaction

The Chinese authorities do not allow any kind of microtransaction in the game. Each Season’s Battle Pass is given for free in Fortnite China and gamers can own V-Bucks by completing certain quests in the game.

The absence of microtransactions has also affected content creators. Fortnite China content creators do not get rewarded by Epic as the game has no option to enter a creator code.

3) Chinese New Year Celebration

Fortnite China celebrates the Lunar New Year event with pomp and show. The game undergoes a massive transformation and gamers get hold of cosmetics and in-game items that are absolutely free.

It was even reported that gamers get real life gifts as well during this period. Needless to state, the cosmetics and in-game items are designed to match the celebration theme and gamers have the best time during this Lunar New Year week.

4) No Arena Mode

Tired of the same old Battle Royale mode? Switch to the Arena Mode and enjoy some time over there. It might be pretty easy for Fortnite gamers. However, it is not the case for Fortnite China.

Surprisingly, the Chinese variant of the game only allows the Battle Royale mode. Gamers do not get to play competitive modes or Battle Labs or other LTMs.

Due to this reason, there hasn’t been any kind of championship event for Fortnite China.

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