Why Fans Think Metroid Is Coming To Fortnite

“Fortnite” has now welcomed a few major characters from Nintendo’s two main competitors, Sony and Microsoft, each as skins. This includes the aforementioned Kratos, who was confirmed in a tweet by PlayStation in December 2020. In addition, Aloy of the Sony-exclusive “Horizon” series became a character skin in “Fortnite” in April. Also, Master Chief was the first Xbox-exclusive character skin to be featured in “Fortnite.” Although it rubbed salt in some “Halo” fans’ wounds, what with the reveal coming well after the delay of “Halo: Infinite,” it still brought an Xbox franchise fully into the “Fortnite” fold.

If “Fortnite” added a Samus Aran skin, it would tie up loose ends in a way, as “Fortnite” could then claim it has crossed over with franchises from the three gaming titans dominating the console market. Moreover, Samus would arguably be one of the more fitting Nintendo characters to add as a “Fortnite” skin. Whereas characters like Mario and Kirby feel more out of place within the gameplay and mechanics of “Fortnite,” Samus would fit right in, thanks to an arm cannon shooting a variety of projectiles, as well as some very enviable armor.

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