Why did Jarvis get banned from Fortnite? Is the ban permanent?

Popular YouTube content creator and streamer FaZe Jarvis recently made a short comeback to popular battle royale game Fortnite with a Twitch stream, only to be banned again. The streamer returned to Fortnite by hiding his tag, however, the gaming company was quick to find the account and block him as he was halfway through the game. Jarvis was initially banned by Epic Games late last year and the suspension is still in effect.

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Why did Jarvis get banned from Fortnite?

FaZe Jarvis was banned from Epic Games in September 2019 after he created a new account on the platform to show his viewers a gameplay video using the Aimbot hack to win games. The video which was uploaded on his official YouTube channel had led to suspension as it went against the game’s anti-cheat policy. The video had also garnered a huge response from the online gaming community. The gameplay video was soon taken down from the video-sharing platform, however, it has since emerged on a number of other channels.

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For those unaware, Aimbot is one of the tools that is used by a number of Fortnite players to shoot at the opponents without having to accurately aim their guns. The program makes use of a player’s system to receive data about all other users on the platform. It essentially allows a player to automatically aim and shoot at the enemies even if the enemy can’t be targetted from the player’s location.

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Jarvis Fortnite ban – Is it permanent?

After getting banned from Fortnite, FaZe Jarvis released an apology video on YouTube regretting his actions. He also requested the game developer to reinstate his account, however, the company doesn’t seem to change its decision. It has also been confirmed earlier that the suspension is, in fact, a permanent one. 

There have been a number of instances where gamers including popular streamers have been banned from Fortnite and many other online games for cheating or employing any kind of hacks in the gameplay. However, Jarvis had openly created a video where he was seen exploiting the system using an unethical program.

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