Who is Jonesy talking to?

Who is this person that Jonesy always talks to? And why is he recruiting people from around the world? Find out in this series of Fortnite Explained.

With the release of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 trailer, we learned that Jonesy is recruiting people from all over the world. But what still remains a mystery is why is Jonesy doing that and most importantly, who is he taking orders from? Find out answers to them in this series of Fortnite explained.

No matter how many theories we’ve put to the test, Fortnite has always managed to stay a step ahead of us. But this time, it seems that we’ve got it right. With all the clues put right in front of us, we now know who’s the voice behind the commands – The juggernaut behind all the operations in Fortnite.

The truth lies beyond our imagination.

One of the famous Fortnite streamer, Sypher PK, connected all the dots in his recent video explaining why is Jonesy recruiting people and who is he taking orders from? And what is the loop?

It has finally come to us that the person who has been giving orders is none other than Singularity – Chapter 1 Season 9’s Secret Skin.

In his recent video, Sypher PK tells that Fortnite has been hinting us about the Zero Point and everything that has happened till now since Chapter one.

During the Season Zero Point trailer, we heard Jonesy talk about the loop, and that he had to prevent it from breaking. Since then we’ve seen him recruiting people like the characters from The Walking Dead, Master Chief, Kratos and we believe the list is long.

All of this suggests that Jonesy is recruiting people to save the Zero Point and the Loop from breaking. But what the loop is and who he is taking orders from still remains a secret.

Let’s go back to the Unvaulting Event (Also known as the Nexus Event) on May 4, 2019. In this event, players were let into the vault and were allowed to unvault one of the six options: Drum Gun, Grappler, Planes, Tactical SMG, Bouncers, and Infinity Blade. The players chose to unvault the Drum Gun, but is that all that happened in the event? The answer remains negative.

Most of the players missed noticing an awkwardly placed table with a chair on one side. The table had Singularity’s helmet on it, along with a Speaker/Boombox.

Not just that, the Boombox is the same speaker that we can see as an Emote called Boomin’ in the current season’s Battle Pass. Coincident enough?

Since this season is rumoured to be the final season of this chapter, we might even see Singularity make an appearance and reveal itself as the voice behind the commands. We might have cracked who this person is, but her intentions still remain a secret.

Make sure to follow us, as we decode every bit of Fortnite’s storyline in this series called Fortnite explained.

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