Who has the most Arena points (over 100,000) in Fortnite Season 7?

Fortnite gamers and streamers have been all over the news of late because of their good deeds and achievements. But others have shot to fame due to all the wrong reasons.

Several streamers have recently been banned from popular streaming platforms following controversial streaming content. The bans have received immense support from other gamers who have raised issues regarding these kinds of streams.

Amidst all these negativities, one of the loopers named LeBhron stepped into the limelight following his recent achievement.

Fortnite player scores over 100,000 points in Arena mode

Fortnite is mostly known for its Battle Royale mode. Gamers across the globe drop by the island to march their way to Victory Royale. However, other modes have received immense appreciation as well.

Arena Mode is one of the most coveted segments of the game, and gamers compete to showcase their skills and achieve points.

One of the loopers recently achieved a milestone in Fortnite Arena mode. A gamer who by the moniker of LeBhron recently hit 100,000 points in Fortnite Arena mode.

The gamer is the first to achieve this feat and is way ahead of other Fortnite professionals.

The complete list of leaderboards in Arena mode are:

  • LeBhron – 100005
  • bryth09- 88940
  • PumpShottyRushTV- 87365
  • twitch mlyufn- 81345
  • TKGC Adonis- 78905
  • Twitch Akaprox- 78400
  • TTV SneepGG- 77385
  • TNG PXMP- 77165
  • Macarron malo- 76240
  • hazard vz- 71715

Ever since he achieved this feat, popular content creators have applauded his efforts and have lent their support and appreciation.

While LeBhron received immense support for his feat, several other professional gamers seem to be in a sort of tricky situation at the moment.

Popular gaming organization TrainHard has announced that it won’t be engaging in Esports events due to his organization being dissolved.

Popular gaming streamer Umplify recently revealed that the organization is yet to pay him his salary and close to €20,000.

Incidentally, Umplify’s organization has abruptly stopped responding to their queries and texts. The gamer is in a muddy puddle at this moment and looking for some legal solutions to mend the situation.

As per the last message, the pro player is a free agent looking for a new organization.

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