Where To Take A Swim At Lazy Lake In ‘Fortnite’

We’re already at Week 10 of Fortnite’s bounty-hunter-themed season 5. There are about six weeks to go after this, however, if I’m doing the math correctly. It’s another long—overly long—season which seems to be the MO for Chapter 2.

Only Season 3 ended on time, and that was just because Epic was trying to force Apple’s hand with the App Store lawsuit.

In any case, here we are ten weeks into the Mandalorian’s very own season and it’s honestly been a really good one, so I’m not complaining. It isn’t the dreadful first season of this chapter which lasted several months and was just . . . not good at all.

At least now we’re getting lots of LTMs and other fun events, like the Mandalorian’s Bounty LTM with its awesome prize.

This week, Fortnite’s Epic Quests include one tasking players with taking a swim at Lazy lake.

The funny thing about this challenge is that Lazy Lake is not, in fact, a lake. It’s a town. The only way to swim in it is in a pool. There are two pools to choose from, so take your pick:

It’s possible that you can also complete this by swimming in the river that runs along the west side of the town. I’m not sure but it’s worth trying I suppose.

And that is that, young padawans. Happy swimming!

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