Where to Plant Saplings in Fortnite (Week 6 Challenge)

Players will need to plant saplings at one of three different locations to complete this Fortnite Week 6 quest. Here’s every sapling location.

Challenges that involve hunting down certain locations in Fortnite can be difficult. Considering the size of the map, players could likely spend hours looking for specific locations if they have no clues on where to start. For Season 7, one of the Week 6 challenges involves hunting down locations where players can plant saplings.

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Players will need to plant saplings at one of three different locations to complete this Fortnite Week 6 Season 7 quest. Completing Epic Quests is a great way to earn EXP fast, and level up a player’s Battle Pass. Here’s every location players can plant these saplings.

Where to Plant Saplings in Fortnite

One of the Week 6 Epic Quests asks players to “plant saplings at Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, or FN Radio (3)”. Each of these locations has three spots where players can plant saplings, so players only need to head to one of these locations to complete the quest. There are a total of nine separate locations where players can plant saplings, spread out amongst these three named areas.

In each area, the three sapling locations are relatively close together, so they shouldn’t be that hard to spot. Each location is marked with a silhouette of a tree sapling, and players just need to approach the silhouette and hold the indicated button to place the sapling. Here’s every sapling location for the three zones:

  • Stumpy Ridge: One sapling is located at the top of the ridge, between two trees. The other two are near the tree stumps at the bottom of the ridge.
  • Fork Knife Food Truck: All three saplings are located behind the food truck, near the two porta-potties.
  • FN Radio: All three saplings are directly west of the FN Radio building, near the three rocks towards Craggy Cliffs.

The saplings in Stumpy Ridge are separated slightly by the cliff, so it may take a bit of looking around. Besides Stumpy Ridge, the sapling spots at Fork Knife Food Truck and FN Radio are close by each other, so they should be easy to find.

These are all the sapling locations for this Fortnite challenge. Players only need to go to one location to complete the challenge, so they should head to whichever location is closest on the map. Completing this Epic Quest will give players 30,000 EXP, so players should definitely complete it when they get the chance.

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