Where to Plant Evidence in Catty Corner & Flush Factory

Players will need to plant evidence in Catty Corner and Flush Factory for this challenge. This guide will reveal both locations in Fortnite.

Players will need to scatter evidence around various locations in Fortnite. This guide will assist players with the locations to place the evidence in Catty Corner & Flush Factory. As with the rising sun, a new day means a new beginning for Fortnite players. Every day and every week, new challenges populate the game, providing extra objectives for players to complete. Those with the battle pass can unlock extra features like bonus skins, emotes, dances, sprays, and much more. One of the challenges, later on, requires the player to plant evidence in two main locations on the map. This guide will show players the exact locations where they need to plant it.

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Challenge availability will vary from player to player. While one player may have this challenge available to them from the start, others will need to complete other challenges to make room on their list. Considering the challenge list populates itself with new challenges every day, it’s very possible for players to let these stack by not playing in a while. The Catty Corner and Flush Factory evidence challenge is the second part of one of the challenges the player completes. The player will first need to complete the “Destroy Mailboxes” challenge before this one becomes available. Now that it is unlocked, here are the locations where players can plant the evidence.

Where to Plant Evidence in Catty Corner & Flush Factory in Fortnite

Fortnite Catty Corner Flush Factory

Looking at the image above will explain the exact locations players can plant evidence in both locations. The player will need to find all three evidence pieces before being able to plant them and players can find them here. Completing this challenge will provide players with tons of experience that does directly towards the player’s battle pass. Considering this is one of the later challenges, the reward is much higher. Also, be careful when approaching these locations. Since the challenge is new, it is likely that players will arrive in this location leading to some unwanted combat.

New challenges appear in the game every week and provide a reason for players to return back to the battlefield. One of the biggest inclusions came in the form of skin from Disney+’s Mandalorian series. Players are able to unlock emotes and gliders from the show as well. Although, one of the fan-favorite items for this season will be the Baby Yoda backpack. Complete challenges to unlock everything before the season is over.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.

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