Where to Place Welcome Gifts in Holly Hatchery (Week 5 Challenge)

Players will need to place Welcome Gifts for a weekly challenge in Fortnite. This guide will show players how to complete this Week 5 challenge.

Players will need to place gifts at Holly Hatchery for a legendary quest in Fortnite. This guide will show players where they need to go to complete this week 5 challenge. As the season progresses, the race to the finish of the battle pass becomes a bit more difficult. While the game continues to introduce new epic and legendary quests for players to complete, the time to complete them continues to dwindle every day. Epic challenges are here to stay until the end of the season but legendary quests have an incredibly limited window in which they can be completed. Although, completing them in a timely manner will reward players with the most amount of XP. In this case, completing this legendary challenge will reward the player with 30,000 XP. This guide will show players where they can place welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery.

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All of this work is going directly towards the player’s battle pass. Instead of instantly unlocking a new item with every level up, players will earn battle stars that they can use to purchase a cosmetic item of their choice. The more items they unlock, the more pages become available with more cosmetic items to choose from. Although, these all go away at the end of the season, regardless of the progress the player has made. Here is where players can place these welcome gifts in Fortnite.

Where To Place The Welcome Gifts in Holly Hatchery in Fortnite (Week 5 Challenge)

Fortnite Welcome Gift Locations Week 5 Challenge

For this challenge, players will only need to place 2 welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery. This named location can be found on the western side of the map. Fortunately, the gamer offers players 7 different possible locations to choose from in Holly Hatchery to complete this challenge. All the player has to do is head to one of these locations and interact with it to place the gift. The best thing to do would be to land on the northeast side of the town and collect those two right off the bat. Completing this challenge will add 30,000 XP to the player’s battle pass.

Considering this is a legendary quest, players will want to complete these before they expire. That’s what makes legendary challenges different from epic challenges. Regardless, each day gets closer to the end of the season. This is critical for players who want to unlock the higher-tier cosmetics for the season, including the Rick Sanchez skin from Rick and Morty. This is one of the easier challenges to get out of the way.

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