Where To Place Boomboxes In Believer Beach

We have some more spying to do for Doctor Slone this week in Fortnite’s legendary challenges, including a new assignment where she tasks us with placing two boomboxes in Believer Beach.

These are not ordinary boomboxes, but rather a means of spying for her, so no, you’re not just throwing down the item that Fortnite used to have that has been unvaulted or something. Rather, you’re going to specific locations to plant these.

Here’s a map of boombox planting locations for you in Believer Beach:

To recap, we have:

  • One boombox to the south of the area near a bus on the road.
  • One boombox in the main “party area” by a table on the north side of that dance zone.
  • One boombox on the beach on the north east side of the area by a chair.
  • One boombox near the gate entrance to the boardwalk on the left side of it.

Once you place them, you won’t have to do anything else, but Slone has a whole bunch of legendary challenges for you to do involving placing things, like signs at Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake, alien light communication devices on top of mountains, and she needs you to collect cat food. Yes, cat food. Maybe aliens like it? I have no idea.

I am not sure what Slone’s long term plans are going forward, and whether she has designs on the aliens, on the IO agency, or both. The mothership is becoming a more and more active part of the season, and I would not be surprised if Slone assigned us future projects on the ship itself.

Will this end with enormous chunks of map being blown up by Independence Day style lasers? I mean, probably, given that it’s usually how things go in the Fortnite universe, but so far the alien versus IO war has been relatively small scale with just troops and smaller ships going at it. But the aliens are also simultaneously okay with inviting us up to their ship to hang out every so often, so I’m not fully clear on how they feel about us.

Hopefully this guide was helpful and you were able to find them all. Stay tuned for other guides we’ll be rolling out for the rest of these challenges shortly.

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