Where to find the new Cupid Crossbow in Fortnite after Valentine’s Day update

The Fortnite Cupid Crossbow is back in the game and all set for Valentine’s Day. First introduced in Chapter 1 Season 3, Cupid’s Crossbow preceded the regular crossbow in Fortnite.

The item returned in 2019 for Valentine’s Day and was strangely missing last year. The Fortnite Cupid Crossbow is back once again, this time with a few tweaks.

Where to find the Fortnite Cupid Crossbow

An Epic crossbow, Cupid’s Crossbow does 68 damage with a reload time of two seconds between bolts and five seconds once the clip of five bolts is empty. Most Fortnite players can tell at first glance that this weapon is not that great.

Thankfully, it has infinite ammo. This makes it a good choice in a pinch if everything else a player is carrying is empty.

Even though Cupid’s Crossbow is considered an Epic weapon, players will find it just about everywhere on Apollo Island that contains loot. Being a limited-time event, players will find that it drops far more often than other objects that are as rare.

Unfortunately, the item is not that useful, unless there is nothing else around to grab. Cupid’s Crossbow is even worse now than it was when it first came out.

Its damage has dropped by 11 points, and its firing rate has slowed down. At this point, it is a novelty more than anything else. It may be a matter of bragging rights if a player can take out other players using nothing but Cupid’s Crossbow.

Fortnite’s Cupid’s Crossbow is part of the 2021 Valentine’s Day event, where players complete challenges related to love. The event challenges come in the form of Fortnite’s Week 11 Challenges for Chapter 2 Season 5, and include helping the new NPC, Lovely, find her true match.

Other challenges include things like finding chocolate boxes in Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park, and Retail row.

Published 11 Feb 2021, 22:10 IST

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