Where To Find The Chug Cannon In Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite has added the new Chug Cannon which heals players’ shields and health, but it can only be bought from a certain NPC on the map.

Fortnite Season 5 has just entered week 10, and it has brought with it a couple of new exotic weapons. These weapons, like the other Season 5 Exotics, are extremely powerful and offer special abilities that normal weapons do not. This guide will show players the location of the new Chug Cannon and what it can do.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is one of the most ambitious seasons to date with the introduction of NPCs. These NPCs can be found scattered around the map and have a variety of uses. They can assign players quests, initiate bounties for other players, trade items and weapons for gold, and some even offer players rare exotic weapons. Each NPC offers unique items and challenges making it important for players to learn what each one offers and where to find them. The Chug Cannon is one such weapon that can only be obtained from a specific NPC.

Where To Find Fortnite’s Chug Cannon

fortnite remedy npc locations

The Chug Cannon can be purchased from Remedy, who is an NPC that can be found in two different locations. Players who have completed the Predator challenges will remember Remedy as one of the three NPCs they were required to talk to. For those who haven’t completed those challenges, the map above shows both locations of Remedy. She can be found on a hill northeast of Pleasant Park and roaming around Craggy Cliffs. She will sell the player the Chug Cannon for 600 gold bars.

The Chug Cannon is very similar to the currently vaulted Bandage Bazooka. It can be used on the player or to shoot allied players to restore their health. Like Slurp Barrels or Chug Splashes, the Chug Cannon can restore both the player’s health and shield. This weapon also has unlimited ammo that recharges over time making it one of the most useful items for a player to carry, especially in duos or squads. The only downfall to the Chug Cannon is that it takes up two slots in the player’s inventory, and it can take a long time for the weapon’s ammo to fully recharge. Regardless, the Chug Cannon is a great utility to pick up, especially since it only costs a measly 600 gold bars.

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