Where to find the buried Blue Coin at Retail Row?

Epic Games has recently released the latest batch of Fortnite challenges for Week 5 of Chapter 2, Season 5. Players can complete the Week 5 challenges to boost the Battle Pass and earn additional XP. One of the challenges in Week 5 tasks players with digging up a blue coin buried in Retail Row. This might come as a surprise to most fans as this is the first time during this season that Epic has added XP coins to the map. In Season 4, the battle royale game had special XP challenges each week where players were able to collect different XP coins to level up in the season.

The challenge is pretty straightforward and easy to complete, however, you need to know the location to be able to complete this challenge. So, let us quickly walk you through the exact blue coin locations in Fortnite to help you complete the challenge.

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Where is the buried Blue Coin in Fortnite?

To find the buried blue coin in Fortnite, you will first need to make your way to the Retail Row. You need to land towards the southwest corner of this named POI to obtain the coin. However, you should note that you won’t find the Blue Coin by simply landing at the location. You will need to look for mounds of dirt, an area that can be dug deeper to finally obtain the coin.

Once you are at the location, you can dig up the blue coins right outside of a yellow house that is close to the basketball hoop. All you need to do is look for mounds of dirt that you can dig up using a pickaxe. You will also find another mound of dirt outside of a blue house which is also at the corner of Retail Row. 

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Make sure that you are carrying a pickaxe to dig up the spot and complete the challenge. Once you have successfully completed the challenge, you will be rewarded with 20,000 XP.

Fortnite Season 5 is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,  Xbox Series X / Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Android.

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