Where to find spray cans at Dirty Docks & Pleasant Park

Fortnite Season 7 has already released the Week 2 Epic Challenges. These were supposed to come later in the week. However, it seems that even the Legendary Challenges are dropping early, most likely tomorrow, according to rumors.

Players cannot miss their chance at earning insane amounts of XP. Also, if they have not completed the Week 1 Challenges, it is best to get cracking before they disappear.

The Week 2 Epic Challenges are here, and this article discusses the spray can quest. Fortnite gamers will have to collect spray cans from Dirty Docks or garages in Pleasant Park.

There are eight cans on the map, and they only need to collect two. The reward for completing this quest is 30,000 XP.

Players will be collecting these spray cans for Abstrakt, who needs to complete his last mural. The cans are white in color and have the word “spray” written on them in red, so players must search for the exact-looking objects to complete this quest.

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Where to locate the spray cans in Fortnite?

While players are aware that spray cans are located in Dirty Docks or Pleasant Park, finding them can still be challenging. Both locations offer four cans each, which means they can complete the quest from a single site.

Gamers have to look into the warehouses of Dirty Docks to find the cans. These structures are big, so they can spread out their search. Users must remember to look under the orange metal shelves and the stairs between wooden crates. Both are plausible locations where they can find a spray can in Fortnite Season 7.

The garages in Pleasant Park are smaller, and that helps keep the search compact. Looking into the rear end of the garage, behind red trolleys and against walls, would be beneficial.

There might be random items on the ground which look like spray cans, but they won’t count, so gamers must be careful to spot the one with the correct description.

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