Where to Find Bunker Jonesy in Fortnite Season 7

For the last few Fortnite seasons, NPC Bunker Jonesy has appeared in several locations and wandered. In Season 7, he will stay in one location.

Bunker Jonesy is the perfect character for Fortnite Season 7 and its alien invasion theme. Bunker Jonesy is an iconic Fortnite character who has appeared as an NPC in the last three seasons of Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale. He is known to be a conspiracy theorist, even keeping a special Conspiracy Board during Season 7. In Season 5 and Season 6 of Fortnite, Bunker Jonesy had a tendency to spawn in several different locations, if he spawned during a match at all. He could also wander around these spawn locations. In Fortnite Season 7, he appears to have one stationary location, but players may be prompted to go to Pleasant Park to find him.

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While it’s not clear if this is a bug or glitch, Bunker Jonesy is not located in Pleasant Park during Fortnite Season 7. Instead, he spawns on the complete opposite end of the map. Players will be able to find Bunker Jonesy by the southern coast, near his Conspiracy Board. He can give players quests in exchange for Gold Bars and has been the source of some of Week 1’s Epic and Legendary Quests to investigate the invasion. Here’s where players can find Bunker Jonesy in Fortnite Season 7.

Bunker Jonesy’s Location in Fortnite Season 7

Bunker Jonesy in Fortnite Season 5

During Week 2 of Fortnite Season 7, players may receive a Common or Uncommon timed quest to speak with Bunker Jonesy. Though the map says otherwise, players will not find Bunker Jonesy at Pleasant Park at any point so far. Instead, Bunker Jonesy is located at the Lumber Lodge Cabin. This landmark is located on the southern side of the island, past the mountains south of Misty Meadows. Players should note this is the same location as his Conspiracy Board, which they will need to find and interact with for another Season 7 challenge. Speaking to Bunker Jonesy while the Common or Uncommon Quest to do so is active should reward players some free XP to boost their Season 7 Battle Pass.

Like other NPCs in Fortnite Season 7, Bunker Jonesy will not spawn at this location every match. There will be times when players can’t find him. When he does spawn, players will see a speech bubble containing three dots, both inside the Lodge and on their minimap.

Players can interact with Bunker Jonesy when he spawns to accept quests, which will award Gold Bars. These quests vary but can include visiting Corny Complex for 80 Gold Bars, searching Chests or Ammo Boxes for 120 Gold Bars, and searching Ammo Boxes for 200 Gold Bars. He also has bandages to sell, can activate a Rift for 245 Gold Bars, and may give players a free Shield Potion. Players may want to visit him first thing during a match as his location makes him likely to get cut off by the storm.

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