Where to Find a Maple Syrup Stash at Hunter’s Haven

An alternating selection of challenges are now part of Fortnite, including one to find some bottles of maple syrup in the new Season 5 location.

Along with the new Season of Fortnite came some changes to the Battle Royale game. First, players got new challenges, another Fortnite and Star Wars crossover, and some changes to the map. A new location was added, called Hunter’s Haven, and players were tasked to find some maple syrup down there.

Where to Find Hunter’s Haven in Fortnite

Hunter’s Haven is a new location for Season 5 that is north of Misty Meadows, on the other side of the lake. It is immediately south of the new desert that takes up most of the center of the new Season 5 Fortnite map, and it is right in the middle of Lazy Lake and Weeping Woods.

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fortnite chapter 2 season 5 zero point map


In this location, as well as several others on the map, players will have to find a specific item. Players will have to look for Fortnite gnomes in Sweaty Sands and Coral Castle, look for a briefcase full of evidence in Misty Meadows, and other strange objects. It will certainly help players to get familiar with the new landmarks on the Season 5 Fortnite map.

In Hunter’s Haven, players have to find a glowing, yellow-brown bottle filled with maple syrup, called Mancake’s Maple Syrup Stash. This challenge, as well as those listed above, appear to be part of a rotating set of challenges. Some players will have some, while others may have different challenges altogether.

Finding Maple Syrup

In order to find the maple syrup in Hunter’s Haven, Fortnite players will have to look around, as they can spawn in several places, including:

  • Mancake’s Maple Syrup Stash can be found on balcony of a building on the southern part of Hunter’s Haven, hidden in a planter.
  • The southern home that has an overlook roof; it’s on the roof next to the AC units.
  • Under the front porch of a nearby house, on the other side of a shrub.

It is unclear if the Syrup spawns in several locations at once or just one at a time, but players can look in these three places. There appear to be several more places the Stash can spawn, but they could not be confirmed.

After finding a stash, make sure to interact with it. Once players have one bottle of the sticky, sweet syrup, the challenge will be completed and players can collect the XP. While the XP won’t help unlock the new, V-Bucks-only Fortnite Kratos skin, players can still use it for the battle pass.

Fortnite is free-to-play for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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