Where to deploy alien nanites anywhere other than Holly Hatchery (Week 6 Epic challenge)

The seventh season of the second chapter of Fortnite is well underway. With the sixth week arriving, it would seem that this season that seemed so new is already halfway through.

This week, there are several new challenges. One such challenge players have is to deploy alien nanites anywhere other than Holly Hatchery.

Alien nanites are a new item that players can get that was added in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Here’s how players can complete this challenge.

Alien nanites in Fortnite

Alien nanites can be used for two purposes in Fortnite. First, they can be used to craft weapons. Certain guns can be turned into IO weapons, like the Rail Gun, Kymera’s Ray Gun, the Recon Scanner and more. Rare or higher assault rifles can be turned into the Pulse Rifle. Rare or higher submachine guns get turned into the Kymera Ray Gun. Rare or higher snipers get turned into the Rail Gun. Alien nanites function like Nuts and Bolts here.

Alien nanite chart. Image via GinX TV
Alien nanite chart. Image via GinX TV

The second purpose for alien nanites is as a throwable. The nanites can be thrown and will create a low gravity area, which has been implemented in Fortnite a few times in the past. This recreates the low gravity field that can be experienced inside the Mothership – a challenge from weeks past.

The Mothership. Image via Sportskeeda
The Mothership. Image via Sportskeeda

Finding alien nanites can be a challenge. There are no specific locations to look in. They can be found in any chest or as floor loot, and as they randomly spawn across the map, there is no place players can go specifically to complete this challenge.

Holly Hatchery was recently taken over by the aliens and has a field surrounding it. This field replicates the Mothership’s low gravity and the effect of the nanites, which is why players can’t throw them inside. They’ll have no effect.

Once Fortnite players have found one, assuming they are not in Holly Hatchery, they can simply throw it to complete the challenge. Once it lands and opens up the low gravity zone, the challenge is done. The challenges go live at 10 am EST.

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