Where to deal damage with exploding gas pumps at Fortnite gas stations

Fortnite Gas Pumps locations

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Fortnite Gas Pumps locations

They’ve been around for a while in a few different guises, but the Fortnite gas pumps are becoming more and more important in the game now. Not only can you use them to fuel up Fortnite cars and keep yourself driving for longer, but they are also an integral item for one of the Fortnite Week 3 challenges. For that you need to deal damage with exploding gas pumps or gas cans, which can be a difficult tasks to complete despite how explosive they are once you start shooting in their direction. Handily we’ve done a recce around Fortnite to track them all down for you, so if you’re looking for the Fortnite gas pump locations then we’ve got them here, and you’ll usually find gas cans at them too if you want a more portable option.

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Fortnite gas pump locations

We’ve found 10 different gas stations containing Fortnite gas pumps, which we’ve marked on the map above. These are in the following locations:

  • A5 – west of Holly Hedges
  • B3 – west side of Sweaty Sands
  • D2 – east side of Doom’s Domain
  • D4 – north side of Salty Springs
  • F5 – south of Stark Industries
  • B7 – north side of The Fortilla
  • C5 – north of Slurpy Swamp
  • D7 – west of Misty Meadows
  • F6 – west side of Lazy Lake
  • G7 – south of Catty Corner

Previously there were another three Fortnite gas stations around the Frenzy Farm area in the northeast, but now that location has been destroyed by Stark Industries they are no longer available.

How to deal damage with exploding gas pumps or gas cans in Fortnite

To deal damage with exploding gas pumps or gas cans in Fortnite, you need to shoot them repeatedly to make them explode when an opponent is near. This can be pretty tricky with the stationary Fortnite gas pumps, so instead we’d recommend you pick up a gas can and use that as it’s portable. You can throw it towards an opponent, or leave it somewhere you expect another player will pass through, then shoot it to blow it up. We confirmed that damage to NPCs such as Stark Robots at Fortnite Quinjet Patrol landing sites and Henchmen around Doom’s Domain or Stark Industries should count towards this too, so using a gas can on them might be the easier option.

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