Where To Claim Your Trident At Coral Cove

We have reached the end of the Fortnite Aquaman challenges, as this is the week you can finally claim both the Jason Momoa-based skin and the trident which you…literally have to do by claiming the trident itself…at Coral Cove, which is this week’s challenge.

Go here to see where to collect rings at Steamy Stacks. Go here to see all week 5’s challenges.

The final challenge to unlock the skin is the claim the trident, and this is where you’re heading on the map, in the mostly still-drowned Coral Cove area by the giant whirlpool.

Here’s the exact trident claim locations on the map:

Yes, I said locations, plural, and you can see there are three of them. There are actually three identical rock formations around the giant shell island and the whirlpool, and apparently the trident can spawn at any of them. I guess this is maybe to discourage 100 players on the map flocking to one tiny rock, as three tiny rocks at least spreads that out a little bit.

Once there, you should be able to claim the trident once this challenge is live. No, I do not believe this is one of those “only one person per game can claim the item” things as I think Epic has learned their lesson from that, and as many people as need be should be able to claim the trident at any given time, barring any glitches with this challenge.

So yes, you technically get both the Aquaman skin for completing five challenges this week and the trident for completing the “claim trident” challenge. However, the catch is that whirlpools are still disabled as we speak, which was one of the earlier challenges, so if you didn’t get that done right away, you may be out of luck until that gets fixed.

If you are able to claim the skin, you can also claim the shirtless style by diving over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge while wearing the original skin. And I mean, who doesn’t want a shirtless Aquaman skin? I made a different guide for that here you can check out.

This seems to end the Aquaman saga of Fortnite season 3 here, at least for now. Deadpool had a Yacht party further into the season, so perhaps Aquaman still has something up his sleeve in the next few weeks here, but nothing yet. Reportedly his arch-nemesis, Black Manta, will make his way into the store as a skin at some point. Deadpool brought three members of X-Force with him, so I do wonder if we might be getting Manta plus a few other DC skins coming up here, but we’ll see. For now, enjoy the fish god himself.

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