Where Is the Xenomorph in ‘Fortnite’? Can You Fight the Scary Alien?

First and foremost if you’re looking for some type of Xenomorph boss battle in Fortnite, then you’re in for a grave disappointment. Epic Games hasn’t included a massive fight with the monster in the game as of yet. While the Kepler Portal did open up and Ripley and the Xenomorph ended up in the Fortnite universe, you won’t be able to locate either of these film characters from the classic James Cameron flick as of now.

Instead, Fortnite creators have licensed the likenesses of the Xenomorph and Ripley from the film series so fans can purchase these specific skins to wreak battle royale havoc on folks online. If you wanted to nab both of these awesome avatars, then you’ll need to shell out 2,200 V-Bucks for the bundle. Separately, Ripley costs 1,500 and the Xenomorph is 1,600, so you’ll definitely be getting a steep discount if you get the bundle.

And of course if you’re rocking these custom skins on your account you’re going to want to gear up accordingly, no? That’s where the Space Gear pack bundle comes into play. If you want the whole set of customized weapon skins, then you’re going to have to pay 1,500 V-Bucks. If you were to buy all of them separately, then you’d spend 800 more digital dollarydoos.

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