Where is the Orchard in Fortnite Season 3 map? Know details here

After Fortnite Season 3 came out, players went crazy because of all the new updates that came with it. One can now ski on the water while riding on sharks, Meowscles’ son is here to show how cool he is, and many new mythic weapons have gained popularity as soon as they got released. However, where players are enjoying the flooded map and the new challenges, a single challenge in the game has got them confused. They need to find out Fornite Foraged items to complete the challenge. But, they need to know where is the Orchard in Fornite. If you are also confused about “where is the Orchard?” Here is all you need to know.

Where is the Orchard in Fortnite Season 3 map?

where is the Orchard in Fortnite Season 3 map

At the north side of Frenzy Farm, one can easily spot the Fortnite Orchard location. It can be found a just over the road from the main farm area in map grid F3. A player will be able to see a large Farmers Market here with a distinctive ‘Red Rooster sign’ on the roof. Just behind the sign on either side of a red barn and a farmhouse, the Orchard in Fortnite can be spotted. Both the Orchard fields consist of big clusters of trees, and underneath you should find a large number of apples to gather or consume. These consumable apples along with many cabbages in the fields on either side are the Foraged items you have been searching for. You will also find some fruit boxes inside the building, which reportedly also counts the challenge to gather or consume foraged items at The Orchard.

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Orchard in Fortnite Season 3 map

where is the orchard

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Zoomed Fortnite Orchard location

Orchard in Fortnite

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What else is new in the Fortnite update?

  • The hunting rifle is back
  • Headshot damage has been decreased, except for sniper rifles and explosives
  • Whirlpools scattered around the map, boost you into the air and deploy a glider
  • Some chests now have legs in Fortnite Season 3
  • Squads of overpowered henchmen, Marauders have a chance to drop near you, some guard specific locations. 
  • Meteors fall after a thundering sound containing Marauders

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