Where is the Mythic Sniper in Fortnite? How to obtain the Amban Sniper Rifle?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has been one of the most exciting seasons thus far. The latest season has introduced fans to new Fortnite weapons. a newly designed map, new challenges, NPCs, and a lot more. Players can not only complete a special set of Mandalorian challenges but also have the opportunity to earn the Mandalorian Mythic set. The Mandalorian has arrived on the battle royale scene with a Mythic Amban Sniper that can be used to inflict a great amount of damage. So, let us give you the exact Mythic Sniper location and show you how you can get ahold of this valuable item.

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Where is the Mythic Sniper in Fortnite?

Obtaining the Fortnite Mythics is quite easier than you might think. To get the weapon, you will need to head over to the Razor Crest. The place is towards the east side of Zero Point desert. However, you need to be careful as The Mandalorian is a fierce and hostile NPC who will be quick to attack you from a far distance. Make sure that you are carrying a powerful weapon to take him down during the encounter. Once you defeat him, you will be able to grab not only the Amban Sniper Rifle but also an Exotic Jetpack.

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The Amban Sniper Rifle will allow you to view the heat signatures of your opponents when they are near. This enables you to spot them much easier. With the Mandalorian Exotic Jetpack, you will be able to make short burst jumps, allowing you to get through various obstacles. However, the Mythic Amban Sniper is particularly more useful that should be quite helpful in your journey.

Fortnite Season 5 is currently in its second week with the second batch of weekly challenges now live for all players.0 Completing the Fortnite Week 2 challenges will allow you to earn XP and level up your Season 5 Battle Pass. If you haven’t purchased the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Pass just yet, you can get it for 950 V-bucks, which comes around $7.99.

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