Where is the Friendship Monument in Fortnite?

Where is the Friendship Monument in Fortnite and how to complete its challenge
Where is the Friendship Monument in Fortnite and how to complete its challenge | Epic Games

The Friendship Monument in Fortnite is the centerpiece of a new challenge involving Marvel’s arboreal galactic guardian, Groot.

Thanks to Epic Games’ major Season 4 collaboration with Marvel, players are getting the crossover of their lives. Multiple heroes and favorite comic book characters have made their way into the game as cosmetics, Easter eggs, abilities, and more.

Recently, a new challenge has become active that lets players piece together their own Guardians of the Galaxy team. All they need are the Season 4 Battle Pass leveled to tier 46 and the Groot skin. Players need to be wearing Groot for the challenge to work.

The Friendship Monument is located northwest of Sweaty Sands on that peninsula that juts out on the westernmost part of the map. Players can get there by taking the pre-paved road from Holly Hedges to Sweaty Sands. Just before Sweaty Sands, there’s a small dirt path that heads north. The monument is at the very end of that path.

The monument, itself, is a combined structure of the a giant pipe man and a another giant man made of straw sharing a high-five.

To complete the associated challenge, stand directly beneath the high-five. A new emote should appear that will allow you to unlock your very own Rocket Raccoon battle buddy.

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