Where is Coral Cove in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3?

Black Manta gets the full dastardly villain treatment with his introductory trailer, seemingly hinting at a battle with Aquaman being in the works. There are still some weekly challenges, but Epic learned from what it did before in Season 2 and made this one a lot more structured and organized than it was last season. Here is what we know about this update.

Fortnite posted a short video clip on Twitter revealing the introduction of Black Manta in the game. It wrote, “Assume the role of Aquaman’s greatest nemesis with the Black Manta Outfit”.

Fortnite Week 5 Aquaman challenge.

In the modern movie, where Jason Momoa plays the hero, Black Manta is depicted as a treasure-hunting pirate and ruthless high-seas mercenary with an interest in technology. Similar to the Deadpool skin in the previous season, the Aquaman skin is unlocked by completing a set of challenges that gradually roll out throughout the season.

According to the reports, the black manta skin seems to be inspired by Aquaman’s film with its glowing red lenses and deep-sea armor which was released in the year 2018. Unfortunately in this case there is no bundle to save on the purchase of all the objects belonging to the set and to add everything to your locker you will necessarily have to spend 2,300 V-Buck. It has some sort of spine that lights up as well. There is also a harvesting tool, Manta Blades, available for 800 V-Bucks. Either players need to get all three, or just get one at one of the locations. After that, they have to go to a gorgeous waterfall and find the waterfall.

The latest Aquaman challenge and remaining Week 5 challenges can be seen below. Once they do, they will get the alternate style. Also, the style challenges area of the battle pass menu allows you to track your progress towards unlocking the skin. The DC character, who has been released into Fortnite with the more recent look, fits perfectly with the water and “Splash Down” theme.

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