Where are the Dancing trees in Fortnite? Get all 5 Holiday tree locations

Epic Games recently introduced the seasonal Operation Snowdown event to Fortnite which brings a new set of challenges. Players can complete these quests on a daily basis for an opportunity to earn a number of exciting rewards and XP. One of the latest quests added to the game requires players to dance at a number of holiday trees that can be found across the Fortnite map. As part of the event update, developers have also made changes to the game map where a certain portion of the island is now covered in snow. However, the game doesn’t offer any details or guidance on where you can find these trees in Fortnite. So, let us quickly take you through all Holiday trees locations on the map.

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Where are the Dancing Trees in Fortnite?

The Holiday trees in Fortnite are scattered throughout the map. Here are all five locations:

All Holiday trees locations

Location 1

The first Holiday tree can be found at Salty Towers. Make your way to this POI and you should find it towards the western part of this location. Once you find the Holiday tree, just get close to it and perform any of the available emotes.

Location 2

The second one is located at Holly Hedges at the northern edge of the area inside a park. Perform an emote near the Holiday tree and move to the next location.

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Location 3

For the next Holiday tree, head over to Pleasant Park. You will find it right in the middle of this POI.

Location 4

You need to visit the Orchard to find the next Holiday tree in Fortnite. This place is located towards the north side of Colossal Coliseum.

Location 5

For the final Holiday tree, make your way to the west part of Craggy Cliffs and you should find it in the parking lot.

It is likely that most of the trees at these locations would be destroyed by other players by the time taken to reach there. If that’s the case, you can still complete the challenge by simply performing an emote.

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