Where are artifacts for Tarana? Here’s how to complete it

Fortnite Season 6 has been released and the makers have been adding a number of new content to their game. Because of this the players have become extremely curious about these new additions and are asking a number of questions about it. So to help them out, we have managed to answer some of these questions right here. Read more to know about Fortnite. 

Where are the artifacts for Tarana?

Fortnite players have recently been asking a number of questions related to the game. They have been asking questions like where are the artifacts for Tarana and how to collect artifacts for Tarana. This is because the makers have been adding a number of different challenges and quests . To help these players, we have managed to gather some intel on this Fortnite challenge that could answer their questions like where are the artifacts for Tarana and how to collect artifacts for Tarana. So without any further delay, let’s take a deep dive into knowing more about Fortnite challenges. 

To find the artifacts for Tarana, you will first need to locate her on the map. She is a popular NPC that can be found at the location named Bonesy Burb. Reach this location and find Tarana walking around right in the middle of Bonesy Burb. Interact with the NPC and get the exact location of all those artifacts on the map. The first one will be found in a building located just south of Tarana. The second artifact can be found on the northern side of the clocktower next to the building. And the third artifact can be located in a little building located north of the clock tower. Apart from this, we have also managed to list a popular video from Youtube that could also help you find the artifacts for Tarana. 

More about Fortnite Season 6

The makers have now released a new trailer for the new season of their game. It involves the players to help Agent Jones to free the zero point that has contained the island. This post has taken a toll on all the technological advancements in the game and has brought the games back to the old times when everyone had to make weapons and items to take care of themselves. The makers have also confirmed that they will be releasing the Batmanskin to the game which also happens to be another Fortnite Season 6 leak that everyone is talking about. According to the media portal called Combicbook,  Fortnite Season 6 will have a number of different skin mockups related to the game. 

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