When does Fortnite Season 8 start? Here’s everything we know

When does Fortnite Season 8 start is what some players are already thinking about, as well as wondering what new items will be in the Season 8 Battle Pass. Although it’s a little soon to be considering these questions, as it wasn’t so long ago that the alien invasion begun to get Fortnite Season 7 up and running, there’s no problem with being prepared for what’s coming next. There are always surprises and interesting additions with a new Fortnite season, so it’s worth thinking about what changes we might expect to see.

This is everything we know so far, from the Fortnite Season 8 release date to the Season 8 Battle Pass cost. Keep in mind that many more updates will follow, and everything is subject to change.

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Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2

(Image credit: Epic Games)

When does Fortnite Season 8 start?

The Fortnite Season 8 release date has not been officially confirmed, but the current Season 7 Battle Pass gives us an important clue. According to the Epic Games website, as well as the in-game message on the Battle Pass screen, the current Fortnite Battle Pass will end on September 12. As the new season usually goes live in a few hours after the previous Battle Pass ends, it’s likely that Fortnite Season 8 will start on September 13, 2021. 

Although this presumed Fortnite Season 7 duration would be in line with most previous Fortnite seasons, remember that the season can always get extended. We’ll have to wait for a confirmed Fortnite Season 8 release date to be certain.

What will be the biggest changes made for Fortnite Season 8?

Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2

(Image credit: Epic Games)

After the alien-infested season comes to an end, what changes shall we find in Fortnite Season 8? Although there’s no information on the upcoming theme or any specific features yet, we can name at least one thing we don’t expect to change in Season 8: the Battle Stars

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