When does Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 begin? What we know so far

The sun is finally setting on Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, bringing it to an end in June.

The patch update version 12.60 rolled out globally on May 20 and with it came some interesting hints in the game files about what could be a season-ending event.

Dataminers have discovered a new Doomsday countdown that hasn’t yet been put into the game. This is most likely paving the way to the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3.

If you’re keeping up with the game, all your weekly and overtime challenges should be done and now all you can do is wait for the inevitable end.

Leaks and speculation about this doomsday event are rife on Twitter, with many suggesting that the Agency is the epicentre due to its location on the map.

Unlike the previous season, this one has seemed to keep fans entertained and hasn’t overstayed its welcome.

This is likely due to how much activity Epic has crammed into the map, especially the new Party Royale mode and Travis Scott’s record-breaking in-game concert: Astronomical.

When will Chapter 2 Season 3 begin?

The current chapter of Fortnite was supposed to end on April 30 originally, but it was extended by a month to instead end on June 4.

This new end date will also mark the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 3.

How will the current season end?

As mentioned above, Epic Games is partial to some sort of insanely huge in-game event to mark the end of seasons.

Previously, the entire world map was absorbed and destroyed by a black hole.

The Doomsday countdown will appear like so (Epic Games/ Twitter @spedicey1)

With this season’s theme centred around spies and villains, it seems only appropriate that some sort of slowly-ticking Doomsday clock should herald in a form of a catastrophic event.

If the developers decide to tie it in with the ongoing conflict between the Ghost and Shadow teams, to whom you pledged your allegiance to at the start of the season, remains to be seen.

What can we expect in the new season?

At the moment, we don’t know anything about the new season as Epic holds its cards close.

There are no-doubt some hints in the game at the moment, as Epic is want to do when it comes to teasing upcoming changes.

Some players have reportedly noticed cloud formations in places they weren’t before, as well as puddles randomly appearing around the map.

Perhaps next season could have something to do with a huge flood? Or maybe the doomsday event will end up flooding the map in some capacity.

We can only wait with bated breath to see what’s new when the next season launches.​

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