When Does Chapter 2, Season 2 End In ‘Fortnite’ And Chapter 2, Season 3 Begin?

It’s another long season here in Fortnite, coming quickly on the heels of the months-long Chapter 2, Season 1. It seems likely that the extension here in Chapter 2, Season 2 is due to COVID-19-related lockdowns: business around the world have had to transition to work from home, disrupting established workflows and processes and eliminating childcare for millions of people. It was remarkable, particularly when watching the epic Travis Scott event earlier in the season, to think that Epic pulled the whole thing off with its entire staff working from home.

Chapter 2, Season 2, was originally scheduled to end on April 30. It will now end on June 4, and Chapter 2, Season 3, will begin immediately after.

We assume, then, that there are some sorts of fireworks in store for the end of the season. The map has been fairly active all season long, with spy bases turning over from GHOST to Shadow, Deadpool’s arrival and a shadow war between Gnomes and Bears skulking around down there in Weeping Woods. But the Agency, there at the center of the map, would seem to be where the final show is going to go down.

Because this is a secret agent-themed season, it’s only appropriate that we would get a doomsday device going. At least that’s what we’re assuming is going on at the moment: Midas has something going on in both the waters surrounding the agency and in the Battle Pass menu, where cables have started to appear in various places.

One of Epic’s favorite things to do in season-ending events is to blow stuff up, and a Doomsday Device is a pretty good candidate for doing just that. What I’d really love to see, however, is some way to tie the ongoing Ghost/Shadow conflict in with the device: if there were some sort of operation that had one team defending the device and the other one trying to activate it, with the event playing out differently based on who won.

It would be a ton of work, because the developers would almost certainly have to do some work on a version of an event that would have to be scrapped. But Epic has not shied away from scale in their efforts surrounding these events before, so who knows.

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