When Beast Boy Is Coming To Fortnite

Beast Boy joins Raven as the second Teen Titans member to arrive in Fortnite, and players had a chance to win the skin before it’s released.

Fortnite players are in the thick of battling and taming raptors and other wildlife in Season 6, and they’re about to receive some backup in the form of a wildlife-themed Teen Titan. Beast Boy, the green-skinned DC Comics hero who has the power to transform into any animal, will soon be a playable Fortnite skin.

The current season pass has brought other iconic character skins to Fortnite already, including Beast Boy’s teammate (and girlfriend) Raven and Tomb Raider‘s Lara Croft, along with skins for Agent Jones and more. While players looking to play as Beast Boy won’t be able to until later tonight, Epic Games implemented a method for earning the skin early through a limited-time tournament.

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Players looking to score the skin ahead of time were able to participate in the Teen Titans Cup tournament on May 12, playing up to 10 matches in a three-hour time window to unlock the Beast Boy Outfit and Couch Titan Back Bling. Those who participated in the tournament also had the chance to earn the new BBRae Loading Screen by scoring at least eight points. This special Loading Screen was created by Beast Boy Loves Raven artist Gabriel Piccolo. All Teen Titans Cup tournament competitors also earned the new Beast Boy & Raven Spray.

Fortnite Beast Boy Release Time

Fortnite Beast Boy Raven

As revealed on the official Epic Games website, Beast Boy will be available for all non-tournament players starting Thursday, May 13 at 8 PM ET. Along with the Beast Boy Outfit and Couch Titan Back Bling comes the BB’s Beast Bat Pickaxe, as well as Beast Boy’s more casual fashion via the outfit’s Garfield Logan Style. The outfit also includes the Go Ape emote built in, which transforms Beast Boy into his Gorilla Form. The outfit, Back Bling, and pickaxe will be available individually or as part of the Beast Boy Bundle in the Item Shop.

The current Fortnite and DC Comics collaboration began in April, when Epic Games launched a six-issue comic book series called Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. The series mainly follows Batman, but Beast Boy and Raven are also featured prominently. Each issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point can be purchased through local comic shops or digitally on the DC Universe Infinite app, and the final issue is set to release on July 6.

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Source: Epic Games

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