What settings are Fortnite controller pros using?

Are you trying to find the best controller settings for Fortnite? Take a look at what some of the top pros are using.

Choosing the best controller settings for your playstyle can be difficult. It’s tough to tell which professional player or content creator to copy for your base settings, and where to go up or down from there.

Those who are switching off of the ‘Basic’ Fortnite settings for the first time might get dizzy with the number of options. Multipliers, boosts, ADS sensitivity, Linear vs. Exponential – it can be tough to tell what to use. Pro player settings might not be the best for you, but they’re a place to start.

The guys over at FortSettings.com took a look at the settings that some of the top controller players in the world use, including people like WavyJacob, UnknownxArmy, Aydan, Crr, and more.

Via: FortSettings.com

Those who are just getting started should note that Boost settings are almost always at 0. I have never seen a pro use boost settings, so bring those all the way down. That will make things a bit easier on you as you go through these settings.

With the exception of Crr and his incredibly high sensitivity, most of the pros have their base X and Y sensitivities in the 40’s. People like Innocents and WavyJacob are on the lower end while Kamo and Unknown are a bit higher.

ADS sensitivity is in the teens across the board – except for WavyJacob who has an inexplicably high Y sensitivity in base and ADS.

Dead zones sit around 10% across all pros as well. 8-10% seems to be the norm for Fortnite players. A bit of stick drift can actually help you in those close-range fights – activating your aim assist.

The most interesting piece of this might be the input curve. Most pros use Linear, but three of the biggest Legacy players are now using Exponential: Crr, UnknownxArmy, and WavyJacob. This one is a personal decision, but Linear is more popular for controller pros.

Controllers are also a personal choice, but here’s a look at what most of the Fortnite pros are using.

Via: FortSettings.com

The Elite controller (series 1) is surprisingly popular, as is the Dualshock 4. These could be the most popular because SCUF is split between the Infinity 4PS Pro and the Impact. I’ve never tried either of these, so you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Again, you’ll need to find the best settings and sensitivity for your own playstyle. It won’t hurt to start low and ramp things up as you get used to your new settings. Don’t try to go too high at once or you may get discouraged.

Hopefully, this information helped get you out of the Basic Fortnite controls and into the Advanced section, where the sky’s the limit.

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