What is Zero Point Dashing in Fortnite? Where to consume the Crystal Shards?

Fortnite is currently in Week 5 of Chapter 2, Season 5, with the next batch of weekly challenges now live on servers. Players on all platforms can complete the weekly Fortnite challenges for an opportunity to level up their battle pass and boost XP. Most of the Epic challenges this week are aquatic-themed and they task players with going around the island finding treasures. While these are pretty straightforward and easy to complete, there’s a new Legendary quest which seems a bit confusing.

The Legendary quest requires players to hit opponents within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing. However, Epic seems vague in its description and the quest doesn’t really offer any details on what exactly is Zero Point Dashing. So, in this guide, we will tell you what Zero Point Dashing actually means in Fortnite and how you can complete this challenge.

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What is Zero Point Dashing?

Zero Point Dashing is when you consume one of the pink Crystal Shards in the centre of the Fortnite map beneath Zero Point. You need to break them down in order to consume them. Once consumed, you need to dash by jumping, then perform the jump action again in quick succession. Make sure that you do this before landing on the ground. And while you’re still in the mid-air, set a target and shoot them within 10 seconds of dashing. 

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It is advised that you take up this challenge in Team Rumble as most circles would generally end up towards the centre of the map. You should also note that you can complete this challenge right away. You aren’t required to take up any other quests as prerequisites, which is the case for most Epic challenges this week. Once you have completed the challenge. you will be rewarded with 55,000 XP.

The Fortnite Week 12 challenges are available for players across all major platforms including the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / Series S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android. Make sure that you have purchased the Season 5 Battle Pass to unlock all the rewards.

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