What Is The New Female Midas Skin? New Leak Revealed!

Fans are finally getting a female Midas skin!

Since the release of a male Midas skin in Fortnite, fans have been eagerly awaiting a female version of the famous skin. Well, fear not Midas fans because it looks like the wait is over! Thanks to a Fortnite insider, we’ve got a sneak peek at a new bundle coming during Season 5. The bundle is set to include the female Midas skin and much more! We’ve put together everything you need to know about this new skin.

Original Midas Skin

The original male Midas skin was first introduced in Chapter 2: Season 2 of Fortnite, you can check him out in the trailer below!

Midas is a legendary Fortnite outfit that was part of the Golden Ghost Set. You could unlock the skin by reaching level 100 of the Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass. The Midas skin is also a reactive skin, meaning that it will evolve depending on certain aspects of the game. Midas may change if damage is dealt to other players, or if it’s day or night in-game.

The Golden Ghost set also includes 3 other cosmetic items, these are:

  • Gold Dagger Pack (Back Bling)
  • Golden King (Harvest Tool)
  • Midas Memory (Gun Wrap)

New Female Midas Skin

Thanks to Fortnite insider and leaker, VastBlast, we’ve got out first look at the new female Midas skin. Check it out in the tweet below!

The official name of the new skin is apparently MariGold and is part of a new Golden Touch Bundle. According to the leaker, the new bundle will include a dual pickaxe, back bling, and the possibility of earning up to 1,500 V-Bucks by completing challenges included in the bundle.

Similar to the original Midas skin, the MariGold skin will be reactive! The new skin will supposedly be able to turn fully gold as you deal damage to opponents.

MariGold is reportedly hitting the Item Shop before Season 5 ends, so expect to see the new bundle in the shop sometime before March 15, 2021.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6

There’s a lot going on with Fortnite right now, as Season 5 winds down we’ve been treated to a new Icon Series, as well as a tournament to go along with it.

There’s no official date yet when Season 6 is set to kick-off, but DualShockers have put together a guide on the latest Season 6 news and possible release date. Make sure to check it out!


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