What is Melee damage in Fortnite Week 5? How to deal damage using melee weapons?

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 has been thrilling fans with all kinds of exciting since it released. The season has been a successful one and it has now entered Week 10, bringing the next batch of challenges for players. The Fortnite weekly challenges are live for all players, allowing them an opportunity to level up their battle pass and boost XP.

While most of the challenges seem familiar and easy to complete, there is a quest that specifically asks players to deal melee damage. However, a number of players may not be aware of what it actually means or where they need to land. So, in this guide, we will explain what is Melee damage in Fortnite and how you can complete this challenge.

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What is Melee damage in Fortnite?

Melee Weapons are those weapons which are used during close-range combats. These are all the blunt weapons that you can use to take out enemies in 1v1 fight situations. These weapons have long existed in the game; however, they aren’t as popular as ranged weapons, such as pistols and rifles.

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One of the most common melee weapons in Fortnite is the pickaxe, which is also used as a harvesting tool. It comes handy especially when trying to complete various challenges and quests. Interestingly, you can also use a pickaxe to deal damage. A pickaxe will deal 20, and the task requires you to deal a total of 300 damage. Therefore, it is suggested that you try dropping at some of the most frequented locations on the map so as to get the most kills at the earliest.

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Some of the best places include the new Star Wars-themed location, the Clock Tower or any other POI that attracts a lot of players. Once you drop at any of the locations, start taking out enemies until you complete the challenge.

Fortnite is now available across various platforms which include the Xbox Series X / Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.  

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