What is Double movement in Fortnite? Know more about this popular strategy

Fortnite happens to be one of the most famous games that have been played daily by thousands of players from all over the globe. There are a number of different skins and features for your in-game avatar that can be utilised by a player. A lot of questions have been brought up about the game amongst the gaming community. So we have decided to talk about those doubts related to the game. Read more to know about double movement in Fortnite.

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      Double Movement in Fortnite

      Recently, the players have been asking a lot of questions related to the movement of their Avatar in Fortnite. Some of the players even have direct questions to ask the makers. The players want to know answers to questions like what is double movement in Fortnite. The answer to their question can easily be found by looking at the number of videos and posts shared by popular streamers known for streaming Fortnite videos. We have got you covered without small guide about Fortnite that will answer the fan questions like what is double movement in Fortnite. So let’s take a deep dive into the double movement in Fortnite. 

      The double movement in Fortnite is basically a trick used by computer players for a specific style of movement. This basically helps by copying the style of walking a player can perform with the help of controllers. This has been a trending topic since the makers recently decided to remove this feature from the game. Not a lot of Fortnite PC users were not happy about this decision. Thus seeing a huge response from the fans about this addition from the new set of patch notes will certainly show how much the players have been involved in completing the tasks and challenges of this game. 

      Fortnite latest update

      • CREATIVE UPDATE – V14.50
      1. Creators can now use up to 150 Channels on their Islands!
      2. The Button device now has an Interact Time option to slow activation.
      3. The Conditional Button device can now be activated remotely via Triggers.
      1. Reduced wind speed through grass.
      2. Fixed an issue where grass tiles appeared black on PC under certain conditions.
      3. Fixed an issue where players could not create a new island without changing the island name to default.
      1. Creatures can now navigate through doorways.
      2. Creatures will now fling open closed doors to pursue players unless the door is locked by a Lock device.
      3. Creatures should no longer get stuck on copy/pasted player-built structures.
      1. Fixed an issue where the player could not pick up a Snowball after exiting the B.R.U.T.E.
      1. Fixed an issue where certain prefabs and galleries were pasted outside the preview box.
      1. Fixed an issue with a searchable prop in the Wood Shanty Hut and Wood Shanty Prop Gallery.
      2. Fixed an issue with the water lily prop from the Wood Shanty Stilted Houses being too low for player interaction.
      3. Fixed an issue with the Wood Shanty content tag missing a space between words.
      4. Fixed an issue with a candle prop from the Wood Shanty Prop Gallery not being destroyed when pickaxe destruction was set to instant.
      5. Fixed an issue with some of the single asset icons missing for Wood Shanty Prop Gallery assets.
      6. Fixed an issue with roof assets from the Wood Shanty Roof Gallery A giving the wrong resource material.
      7. Fixed an issue with one of the doorways from the Wood Shanty Wall Gallery A having improper collision.
      8. Fixed an issue with the Swamp Cliff Gallery having incorrect preview sizing.
      9. Fixed an issue that prevented copy/pasting of the Wooden House Trim from the Wood Shanty Wall Gallery B.
      10. Fixed an alignment issue with the Princess Castle Archway Support.

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