What is a Snowy Flopper in Fortnite? How and where to catch the fish?

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 has introduced fans to a plethora of cosmetics and other exciting content. With the start of the new season, Epic Games also added a variety of fish that offered some unique benefits to the players. Now, the developers have introduced a new fish in the battle royale known as the “Snowy Flopper”.

The Snowy Flopper is one of the most sought-after fish in Fortnite right now as players have been tasked with locating and catching the fish as part of the latest Operation Snowdown challenge.

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What is a Snowy Flopper?

The Snowy Flopper is an Uncommon Fish which was added as part of the Operation: Snowdown event in Fortnite. When players consume the fish, it grants them 15 health and the effect of Chiller Grenades and The Big Chill. Players can also consume this fish when they have 100 health.

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How to catch a Snowy Flopper?

You can easily catch a Snowy Flopper using a normal fishing rod. You can grab a fishing rod from any of the fishing rod barrels. Once you have that, head over to the Snow biome on the Fortnite map. 

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Snowy Flopper location

Make your way to the Snow biome which is located to the north of Misty Meadows. If you don’t have a fishing rod already, you will also find one at this location. Grab the rod and start fishing at the fishing spot in the area. The fish has a decent spawn rate, which means you shouldn’t have much trouble catching it. Once you catch the Snowy Flopper, the challenge will be completed. You can check out the video embedded below for the exact Snowy Flopper location on the map.

 The Fortnite Operation Snowdown Christmas event is live right now. Completing these challenges will allow players an opportunity to earn new cosmetic rewards, XP and boost their Season 5 Battle Pass.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 is now available across various platforms including the Xbox Series X / Series S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft PC, and Android devices.

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