What happens when you tip the Bus Driver 4000 Gold Bars?

Thanking the bus driver in Fortnite quickly became one of the game’s best ways to pay respect and set a good example for other players. The bus driver has been hard at work for the past few years of Fortnite’s existence. They’ve been working without compensation to this point.

All of the driver’s efforts can now be paid after dropping players off. Players have the option to tip with in-game currency. Players can leave a chunk of gold for the bus driver by talking to the NPCs across the map.

Fortnite’s bus driver gives secret reward for 4,000 Gold Bar tip

If Fortnite players ever find themselves with too much gold on their hands, an option to show charity and generosity is available to them. Tipping the bus driver 4,000 Gold Bars while talking to one of the NPCs on the map leads to a message in-game everyone can see.

After players drop off 4,000 Gold Bars for the bus driver, a hidden blurb in Fortnite’s kill feed announces their in-game name:

“_____ very generously tipped the bus driver!”

These messages often hilariously show up just as one kills another player in a fight. With so many tips, the driver should be rich. However, the publisher hasn’t revealed what happens to the gold bars.

Though acquiring Gold Bars can take a while, some players justify their donation by stating that the driver deserves it for the work they’ve put in. Unfortunately, nothing much arises from this action other than the in-game message in the kill feed.

In the future, Gold Bars given to the bus driver could unlock a secret reward or an achievement. Until then, players who can’t afford to toss away 4,000 Gold Bars should consider spending it wisely.

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