What Fortnite Bounty Hunters Will Be Added Next

A Reddit user posted a bag from Epic Games full of hints about new Fortnite bounty hunters. Here’s are some of the characters potentially teased.

Fortnite just finished off one of their biggest season ever and it doesn’t seem like they’re showing any signs of slowing down in Season Five. Last season, The Nexus War, saw players fight alongside Marvel heroes as they tried to take down Galactus. This season, Zero Point, has brought back Fortnite’s Chapter Two map with several major changes, the most notable being the bounty hunters. The bounty hunters are NPCs scattered across the map that can either help or hunt down players. There are already six bounty hunters in the game, but it seems Epic Games has plans for a lot more, including some potentially notable names.

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Fortnite is famous for their crossovers, and the bounty hunters will be Epic’s means of bringing other popular characters into the Battle Royale. The Mandalorian was the first bounty hunter announced, much to the excitement of fans, which was followed shortly by the announcement that Kratos from the God of War series would also be joining this season. Leaked images have led to rumors Halo’s Master Chief could be one of the next characters added to Season Five, but it has yet to be confirmed. Thankfully, Epic Games was a nice enough to hook up a fan with a gift bag full of hints at upcoming bounty hunters.

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Reddit user U/thesquatingdog was given what is suppose to be the backpack of John Jones, or Jonesy, one of the main characters of the Fortnite universe. The bag was filled with a random assortment of items meant to serve as Easter Eggs to help tease who else may be joining Fortnite as a bounty hunter. Items in the bag include: a cup, sunglasses, hand wraps, a necklace, back scratcher, peanut butter cups, freeze dried bananas, cherry blossom tea, an ant farm, a wig, red and blue candy, face paint, mud mask, rations, syrup, tokens, and a baseball bat key chain. The bag also included a list of all the items in the bag with several crossed off, seemingly representing bounty hunters already in the game. For the hints that weren’t crossed off, the super sleuths of Reddit have already dug up some potential ideas.

Fortnite Bounty Hunters: Terminator, Geralt, & Neo Are Likely

Fortnite Bounty Hunters

From the list of items that came with Jonesy’s bag, cup, peanut butter cups, cherry blossom tea, wig, helmet, and syrup were all crossed off. That leaves twelve other items listed, so twelve more bounty hunters could be joining Fortnite. None of the characters these clues tease have been confirmed for the game yet, but some are more obvious than others, like the candy. The candy comes in the form of jelly beans, which look strikingly similar to red and blue pills. This seems like a clear nod to Neo from The Matrix, which currently has another film in the works.

Other popular guesses include Ant Man, represented by the ant farm. The sunglasses could be serving as a hint for The Terminator, and the red face paint is likely acting as a nod to Kratos. The mud mask probably represents The Predator, which is already heavily teased in the game’s Stealthy Stronghold area. The tokens seem to be indicating The Witcher 3’s Geralt, while the back scratcher may be a female Midas and many believe the baseball bat key chain could be the Scout from Team Fortress 2. There are still several items that don’t have clear answers yet, however, like the hand wraps (which could also indicate the Scout), the necklace, freeze dried bananas, and rations. The hand wraps could imply a fighter or boxer, and the rations imply a solider of some kind, but both hints are too vague to get an idea.

Some seem to believe the necklace could represent someone from Jurassic Park as it features a sharp tooth, but that feels kind of out of place. Perhaps it could hint at Turok, who is famous for hunting dinosaurs. As for the bananas, this is a personal guess, but maybe it’s Winston from Overwatch. The item is specifically listed as, “space bananas,” after all. These are just educated guesses though, so Fortnite fans eager to find out who the next bounty hunters are will just have to wait and see.

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Source: Reddit

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