What every player banned from Fortnite is doing now

Turnabout is fair play, right? On May 31, 2020, around eight months after his own ban, EJLad uploaded a video titled, “I Have To Expose A Fortnite Macro Cheater.” Macros are another type of cheating software. They allow multiple commands to be bound to a single keystroke, enabling players to perform complex actions perfectly and inhumanly quickly. The person EJLad was “exposing” for using them turned out to be SerpentAU, who himself exposed many Fortnite cheaters.

A week later, SerpentAU uploaded a video response to the accusations. He admitted to having used macros in the past, but insisted that he hadn’t done so recently. Time didn’t seem to matter to Epic Games, though. A week and a half later on June 17, 2020, SerpentAU announced that he had been banned from Fortnite

As of this article’s publication, Serpent has remained relatively silent. The last video uploaded to his channel is the response to EJLad’s accusation, and his Twitter account gives no clues as to what his future plans are. His latest tweet promises to delete his Youtube account if it gets more than 15,000 likes, which it has, but he hasn’t followed through yet. What he’ll do next remains to be seen.

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