What does a Flare Gun do in Fortnite and what is its ammo type?

The Flare Gun is one of the weapons that Epic Games has been teasing before the start of Fortnite Chapter Two, Season 3. The new gun was also part of the patch notes that kicked off the season earlier this month. It wasn’t introduced to the game when the season finally arrived on June 17, however, it left several Fortnite fans wondering if the weapon will actually be a standard gun or serve a special purpose such as calling a supply drop. Now that Season 3 has been out for a few weeks, developers have finally added the much-awaited Flare Gun with a recent Fortnite update 13.20.

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What does a Flare Gun do in Fortnite?

The Flare Gun can be one of the most useful weapons that players can have in Fortnite. It is not just a gun that you can use to fire at your opponents to get a kill, it can also help you augment the way you play to sweep out your enemies.

One of the first uses of this weapon is that it can be used as a flare. All you need to do is fire a straight shot into the sky that sounds off a flare, returning a ping on opponents that are close to your location. This will help you understand if you must start preparing for a battle.

Another use of this weapon is that it can be used for area denial. The gun can explode on the ground, dealing 60 damage to opponents in a shot, flushing them out, similar to the Firefly Jar. It can also be used to burn down wooden builds with only a few shots.

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Where is the Flare Gun in Fortnite?

A Flare Gun can be easily found from loot chests, llamas, supply drops, on the ground in certain buildings, or even a random drop across the map. However, the weapon is generated at random, so you won’t be able to find it at the same locations every time.

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What ammo does a flare gun use

The ammo type used for a Flare Gun is the Fringe Plank, and it can deal 60 damages with one successful hit and comes loaded with a total of six bullets. The gun has a reload time of 1.5 seconds, meaning you won’t be able to fire successive shots.

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