What are the changes made in the latest update of Fortnite?

The official Fortnite Twitter account announced a number of new features that players will be able to enjoy. This includes more Doubled Crafting pieces in floor loot piles, improvements to the precision of the Makeshift AR and Revolver, headshot damage from the Bow, and arrow speed changes. Here’s a list of Fortnite weapons that went through some changes.

Fortnite Balance Changes

The balance changes in the latest Fortnite update of April 15 was posted on the official Fortnite Server Status Twitter account (@FortniteStatus). Below mentioned are the balance changes that are coming to the game:

  • Doubled Crafting Parts in floor loot stacks
  • Makeshift AR & Revolver accuracy
  • Bow headshot dmg and arrow speed
  • Recycler junk bomb speed
  • Primal Pistol dmg and fire rate
  • Stats for all SMGs
  • Equalized Primal and Classic weapon drop rates to be more evenly spread out alongside Makeshift weapons


  • Fortnite Patch Notes – Gameplay Features
    • The initial phase of Large Matchmaking Support has now left Beta and is available to everyone.  
    • New values have been added to the Max Players option in My Island Game Settings: 20, 24, 30, 32, 40, 48, 50.
      • Some devices will not currently operate correctly when using Any/All as the selected value in Team-related options.
      • Some devices have been observed to fail to apply settings correctly to all players in a game with 16 or more players present.
      • Please be sure to test your game with larger player counts and be prepared to use workarounds for now if you find some devices behaving incorrectly.
      • We are currently undertaking the task of updating all devices to support large player counts, and allowing all devices which have Team-related options to support up to 50 teams.

      This is just the first phase of the large matchmaking support initiative, and as such, there are various issues with the way that the larger player count interacts with some devices.

    • Added a new option to My Island Game Settings:
      • Matchmaking Privacy: Public, Private (Default: Public).
      • When an island is published with this option set to ‘Private’, it will immediately restrict how other people can interact with the island.
        • The island cannot be accessed via portals except on islands belonging to the island Creator. (i.e. the Creator can place portals pointing to the island on their own personal hubs or islands, but nobody else can).
        • The island cannot be accessed via the front end code entry menu.
        • The island will not appear in Recently Visited or Favorite island lists.
        • The island cannot be featured on the Welcome Hub and cannot be accessed via the portals on the Welcome Hub.
    • This setting is PERMANENTLY set the first time that the island is published.
      • Players can duplicate an island that has had its privacy permissions set and freely change the setting on the duplicate until the first time it is published.

There was also a patch that was released by Epic Games for the PC players in order to fix and improve the server stability. The Fortnite Status Twitter account mentioned in their post that this patch will improve the stability and will fix the issue with accessing the map in replays. 

Image Source: Epic Games

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