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With Season 5: Zero Point of Fortnite Battle Royale already underway, it’s time to talk about the new weekly challenges that will arrive tomorrow. Thanks to the information from dataminers like iFiremMonkey, as usual we bring you a preview of the Week 7 leaked challenges, which will be available from tomorrow, Thursday, December 14, at 3:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

These are the spades and legendary missions of the Week 7 and the XP rewards you will get for completing them:

Picasso missions of Week 7

The section of pike missions includes these challenges during Week 7:

Visit houses in Sticky Swamp in a single match (0/3): 20,000 Season PE.Rene Books in Sacred Hedges and Burning Sands (0/5): 20,000 Seasonal PE.Consume Shield Potions (0/3): 20,000 Seasonal PE.Destroy Sherbet Barrels (0/10): 20,000 Seasonal PE.Search Chests in Sticky Swamp (0/7): 20,000 Seasonal PE.Get maximum shield in the same game (0/1): 20,000 Seasonal PE.Eliminations with 0 Shield Points (0/1): 20,000 Seasonal PE.

Legendary missions of Week 7

The legendary missions Week 7 are as follows. Remember that these missions will only be available this week, they will expire when Week 8 arrives:

Deal damage to opponents in vehicles (500,1,000,1,500,2,000 and 2,500): 55,000 Season PE for phase 1, 22,000 Season PE for each of the other phases (we don’t know if this is a mistake and they will give 55,000 each one like last week)

As you can see, we have another week that requires us to play for a couple of hours to complete everything. Remember that these are not the only challenges or missions that we will have available. So that you can complete the challenges of the Season to the maximum, we bring you complete guides to not leave anything undone:

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