Watch: PlayStation’s Kratos from ‘God of War’ joins ‘Fortnite’

Dec. 4 (UPI) — PlayStation’s Kratos, from the company’s God of War series, has come to online multiplayer shooter Fortnite in the form of a new outfit.

Players can appear as Kratos in-game by purchasing his outfit inside the game’s item shop starting Friday.

The Kratos outfit is available separately or as part of the Oathbreaker set that includes a Guardian Shield Glider, Mimir Back Bling and Leviathan Axe with built-in Freezing Burst Emote.

Completing a Fortnite match on the newly released PlayStation 5 console will unlock an armored look for Kratos.

Kratos leaps into action and takes out a werewolf with his axe in a cinematic trailer announcing his arrival to Fortnite.

Kratos was last seen in 2018’s God War which acted as a soft-reboot for the long-running video game series. He will return in upcoming sequel, God of War: Ragnarok.

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