WATCH: How to Deliver a Semi-Truck from Upstate New York to Stark Towers in Fortnite

Epic Games has loaded chapter two, season four of Fortnite with rewards. The Marvel x Fortnite has brought various grindable skins and accessories to the game. Players just have to complete challenges to get their hands on them.

By completing challenges, they will earn XP which will further unlock rewards. While many challenges are easy and straightforward, some are quite tricky. YouTuber HarryNinetyFour made a walkthrough video on one such challenge.

How to complete this Fortnite XP Xtravaganza week four challenge

One of the challenges of week four is to deliver a semi-truck from Upstate New York to the Stark Industries location. This challenge poses difficulty since many players don’t know where the Upstate New York location is inside the game. Moreover, even if they can find the location, the spawn of the truck is random. Sometimes it is there and other times it isn’t.

The location marked with the blue tag on the map is a bridge. This is where a mini-truck spawns most of the time. Players can drop at this location and if they are fortunate enough, the truck will be waiting for them. If not, they can try dropping at the same location in future games until they come across one.

Once the players find a semi-truck, the most important thing they will need is fuel. Stark Industries is considerably far away, and the truck spawns with low fuel. Therefore, players should be on the lookout for fuel drops. There are a couple of chests on the route to the destination. Players can also search them for fuel.

The video shows the shortest route to reach Stark Industres while also avoiding any combat. Completing the challenge will grant players 20,000XP that will go to their battle pass progress. Completing all these challenges will help players progress faster in the battle pass.

The Xtravaganza week 4 challenges are probably the last set of challenges before Galactus arrives at the island. Once the devourer of worlds sets foot on the island, the climax of the Nexus War will begin. Watch Marvel’s Avengers fight against him to save the island in a live in-game even on December 1, 4PM Eastern Time.

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